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Creating exceptional customer experiences

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C9 is passionate about helping companies truly differentiate themselves from the competition by delivering exceptional customer experiences that increases sales and profits for our customers. 

Customer Relations Centre (CRC) - Integrated Operational Teams 

Competition is growing and customers are becoming more and more experienced and demanding, expecting a higher level of service.

We deploy Operational Teamsintegrated back-and front office & customer service/sales experts.

Communicating with your customers

Consultancy - Empowering your transition projects

We help you develop or improve your customer experience in many sectors and settings, but mostly within the mobility sector. Is your organization struggling with transition? Is productivity down because people are worried about what’s coming next and how it will affect them?

We have a clear opinion; no matter how good a strategy is, people always make the difference. Culture and strategy go hand in hand. 

Technology & Digital Solutions

You need an experienced and competent partner at your side, that helps you to choose the best solution that suits your specific needs? 



Leadership & Business

How successful is your business model? Does it match the ideal customer journey?

A winning business model must create value for its customers and for itself. Organizations need to constantly review and further develop or redesign their business model due to the rapid evolution of customer expectations. 

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Culture & Customers

It is not only your business model and processes that need to be adapted to the rapid evolution of customer expectations. Don't forget to involve your employees in this transition.

Organizations don’t change, people do. At C9, we believe that motivating people to change starts with winning their hearts and minds.


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Data analytics 

Your digital data is an asset that can be used in many ways. It can give you the insight you need to make key decisions, allowing you to move in the right direction. Custom solutions allow you to optimise your workflow, allowing you to spend more time on what’s important, growing your business.

Network & Development

Hybrid Academy 

Network. Learn. Grow.

We offer customised training and professional development programs for organizations, delivered by experienced experts & facilitators.