Mobility PA


Mobility PA 

Your Personal Single Point Of Contact 

Welcome to a new era of premium driving, designed to redefine and elevate the driving experience for premium & passionate car owners. At the same time, it empowers OEMs to excel in active, direct & proactive communication with the car owners.  

C9's Mobility Personal Assistant (MPA) acts as a personalized concierge, ensuring premium car owners enjoy unparalleled convenience, peace of mind, and a simplified life - they only need to remember one phone number, the one of their personal MPA.

What's in for you as a Passionate & Premium Car Owner? 

  • The MPA takes over all incoming and outgoing communication between the OEM/NSC/dealer groups and individual customers. From scheduling appointments for maintenance, over issues management and providing concrete information. Your personal MPA takes away all concerns related to your car, allowing you to focus on your own business, family and personal development.
  • Direct influence: Your voice matters. The Mobility Personal Assistant gives your opinion and other relevant information directly back to the OEM, without unnecessary filters.

What's in for you as a Premium Car Brand?

  • Enhance Your Premium Offerings: C9's Mobility Personal Assistant is the catalyst for refining and improving your premium products. You get direct feedback from demanding premium car owners, allowing you to seamlessly tailor your offering to the expectations of exclusive customers.
  • Build Lasting Loyalty: Brand loyalty is key. Mobility Personal Assistant helps build and strengthen loyalty. 
  • Global Market Leadership: Leverage our global reach to gain insights into customer requirements in diverse regions, positioning your premium car brand as a leader in innovation and refinement. Staying ahead of trends maintains a competitive edge in the luxury automotive market. 

Join us on a transformative journey where customer's satisfaction is prioritized, their voice matters, and loyalty is earned. 

Elevate driving experience with C9's Mobility Personal Assistant.