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Télévie event was a success!

December 04, 2023

Despite a small turnout (many ill 😢), we can look back on a beautiful and atmospheric event "Together against cancer to overcome together," in favor of Télévie. 💚 The brave and sweet children could enjoy the special presence of Saint Nicholas, while the adults were pampered with delicious treats, lovingly prepared by our colleague Silvia, the driving force behind this beautiful initiative! 🤩 A heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this possible and contributed to the warmth and coziness of the event. 🍀🙏🌟

25/11/2023 Together against cancer with Télévie - Don't miss this event!

October 30, 2023

Come and join our Télévie event on Saturday, November 25th in Boom. We look forward to welcoming numerous food enthusiasts to share the magic of Saint Nicholas and the preparations for Christmas, all for the benefit of Télévie. Are you feeling stressed about Christmas by then? No worries, you can still buy last-minute gifts at our second-hand brocante and gourmet market.

C9 and HSN join forces to launch Lotus Eletre

September 11, 2023

C9 is working hard (together with HSN) to support the commercial introduction of the new LOTUS CARS. Cool brand, cool people,... cool project! This venture unites the ethos of a sophisticated and iconic brand with the passion of talented individuals, making it one of the most intriguing and eagerly anticipated projects of the year. As they work diligently behind the scenes, the team is driven by a commitment to excellence, ensuring that this partnership heralds a new era of automotive excellence.

C9 and Progedi work together for a remarkable inspiration week

Progredi Inspirational Week
May 31, 2023

C9 is extremely grateful to have hosted its valued partner Progedi's first-ever inspirational week.
This transformative event marked a significant milestone, with participants immersed in a week-long journey of inspiration and personal growth.

A remarkable moment of the week was the captivating session entitled "Unleashing Your Power: How to Deal with Haters" by extraordinary guest speaker Ljupco Trifunovski. 
His in-depth expertise, passion and experiences left an unforgettable impression on every participant, empowering them to take on challenges and embrace their full potential.
C9 strives to organise exceptional events that inspire people on a journey of personal and professional growth. 

Launch of Progredi website

April 19, 2023

Exciting news! We are proud to announce the launch of Progredi.   
This is an important milestone for C9 to expand its service portfolio. 

Progredi will offer support in strategic transition projects such as reorganisations, cultural changes, mergers & acquisitions ... and also focuses on personal development processes for individuals, teams and organisations in the form of training and coaching. This includes programmes such as 'High Performance Coaching' and techniques and models such as heart coherence, Insights Discovery ...

PORTMADE gives C9 an NPS score of 9+

March 27, 2023

Portmade, with proven expertise and global experience in customs operations and logistics, chose C9 to conduct a customer perception analysis (CPA) on its key customers. The CPA was designed according to their specific needs to analyse their customers' perceptions and opinions and current and future expectations. 

"I would like to thank you personally from our side for the collaboration. I can already mention that we can be very satisfied not only with the results but also with the work you delivered. To put it in your terms, I give your service/delivered work a NPS of 9+. Some very concrete topics are included that we can definitely build on in the future to meet the needs of our partners even better." -  Cédric Peeters, Manager Compliance & Administration, Portmade