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The new C9 identity

September 20, 2021

The new C9 identity

We are thrilled to introduce you to the new C9 identity. A rebranding process to evolve with our services. To conceptualize the new C9 logo we worked from one main idea: integration. When we say, "We transform your customers into fans" we are also communicating that we integrate your customers into your company's culture. C9 synchronizes both parts, customers and company, to make them work perfectly as a single unit. That is why in our new logo shape, the integration between "C" and "9" fully fits the essence of C9. 


Speechless reconciliation 2021

August 15, 2021

Speechless Reconciliation 2021 – Summer camp in Beskydy -  More than words, peace and reconciliation…

Last week, C9 had the honour to actively contribute to the organisation of a 9-day summer camp in the Beskydy Mountains in the Czech Republic, where Czechia, Slovakia and Poland border reach each other. The summer camp is a sub-part of the “Speechless Reconciliation Project”, organized by members of the Rotary Club Prague International. The ambitious multi-year project is designed to support teen-age youth (16-17 years) from houses without parental care from different Balkan countries (Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia).

During the summer camp, the group of youngsters spent their days in workshops, getting to know each other & learning more about each other: their ethnic, religious, social backgrounds, personal histories, feelings, dreams for the future, in order to foster mutual understanding and broaden their vision of what is possible in their own lives. It is in this way that they recognize the things that connect them as human beings.

The long-term vision is that within three to four years, at least 30 houses for children without adequate parental care, in Balkan and other Eastern European countries, will be participating in this program. The Speechless Reconciliation Project is not only about words, peace and reconciliation. It is even more about opening up opportunities and cooperation across Balkan and European regions that will lead to a future of long-term stability and an enviable quality of life.

For more information, please get in touch with us or visit the project's webpage:

C9 is committed to further support the project in the next years to come.


Support of commercial actions for Alpine in Belgium

July 01, 2021

Support of commercial actions for Alpine in Belgium

Alpine Cars chooses C9 for the qualification of their leads during a number of commercial actions in Belgium. Our specialised teams help identifying leads with the highest chance of conversion. 

VETEX entrusts its customer perception analysis to C9 International

June 21, 2021

VETEX entrusts its customer perception analysis to C9 International

Vetex, the leading Belgian expert in coating and laminating textiles for various industries, chose C9 to conduct a customer perception analysis (CPA) with 20 of its key customers. The CPA was designed to their specific needs to analyse the perception and opinion of their customers, and actual and future expectations. With the insights gained, Vetex can now optimise the customer journey and better align their products and services to the actual needs of their customers.

"The CPA has provided us with good strategic information, allowing us to take short-term actions and adjust our long-term objectives. It was also a great help that we could develop our bi-annual customer survey together with experts, who afterwards took care of the whole follow-up and produced a very interesting working document for us."                                           Freya Baele, Technical Sales Manager, Vetex

Renault Group expands the existing partnership with C9 International

May 14, 2021

Renault Group expands the existing partnership with C9 International

Since more than 12 years we have been developing our partnership with the Renault Group on different levels (strategic and operational).  Over the past years we have successfully implemented different strategic programs within the Renault organization (Customer Excellence) and we managed part of the Customer Service for Renault & Dacia in the BeLux region.

Today we are proud to announce that as from the July 1st 2021, C9 will set-up and manage a Mobility Service Platform for the Renault Group. Within this platform, we will, among other things, manage the entire Customer Service for the BeNeLux region, coordinate recalls, handle homologation requests and partially support technical assistance to dealers.

We would like to thank the Renault Group management to select C9 as a partner to continue to develop the future together. We are ready for the Renaulution!

C9 International joined the Pledge 1% Movement

C9 International - Pledge 1% Movement
April 05, 2021

C9 International joined the Pledge 1% Movement and pledges to donate 1% of its profit to the Community

We are proud to join the Pledge 1% community, along with over 12,000 companies around the world, and encourages other companies to take the pledge and leverage 1% of our their product, profit, equity and/or staff time to charity.

Learn more about Pledge 1% here.