Operational teams

Communicating with your customers

Operational Teams

Integrated Customer Relations Centre


Operational excellence is more challenging than ever as customers are becoming more and more experienced and demanding, expecting a higher level of service. Our front and back office teams enable you and your team to do what you do best, while they take care of all the rest. 

Our experts are an integrated extension of your team. Among other things, we manage:

  • handling of customer problems and complaints (easy and complicated): we do not simply handle claims as if claim handling would be a production process, that is NOT the way we operate. We always go that extra mile! We can only be satisfied if customers are fully satisfied with the solution we have provided. 
  • taking goodwill-decisions 
  • warranty claims
  • recall management 
  • homologation administration 
  • accurate lead qualification
  • after sales communication with end customers (NSC's and Dealer groups)
  • treatment of all kind of customer enquiries such as information on products and services, request for brochure, retailer contact details
  • conduct special sales and marketing campaigns
  • and, of course, ... delivering best-in-class customer experience.

We truly understand the importance of every contact with customers in order to optimize their experience. 

Our successful partnerships with leaders in the mobility industry proof that we are capable of shaping the road to excellent customer relationship management. Discover here what we can do for you.

Let C9 increase your customer satisfaction and reduce your total cost.

Lead qualification

Quality leads are king. To grow your business, you have to convert leads to loyal, satisfied customers.

At C9, we offer in-depth expertise in lead qualification services that can help you increase the number of meaningful leads converted into loyal customers. Let us efficiently qualify your prospects and re-engage your lost prospects, while your sales team focuses on their core competency: closing the deal.

Let C9 take the lead.

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