Data analytics


Data analytics

Your digital data is an asset that can be used in many ways. It can give you the insight you need to make key decisions, allowing you to move in the right direction. Custom solutions allow you to optimise your workflow, allowing you to spend more time on what’s important, growing your business.

Stakeholder analysis

How well do you really know your employees, customers or partners? Do you know what they really want and what they expect from your organisation, on short term and long term? Keep in mind: Stakeholder happiness and business success is strongly linked! If you want to be truly successful and deliver value, listen to your stakeholders.  

Are You Happy Calls (AYHC)

Are You Happy Calls can be deployed in your after-sales process and contribute to increased customer satisfaction.  They are conducted by independent experienced call agents, which promotes openness by your customers, when giving their feedback.  

Lost sales analysis

Evaluating why you are losing every lead over your competitor is the crucial first step in drawing up a strategic plan to increase your sales revenue in the future. Performing a lost sales analysis (LSA) allows you to identify where improvements are needed so that you can reassess your strategy and continue to see growth.

Our LSA method will prevent these 'leads' from being lost. We capture them for you and push them - if relevant - back into the sales process. This results in a thorough and detailed knowledge of your (potential) customer decisions, which you can use to initiate your 'customer journey' improvement projects.