Stakeholder analysis

Communicating with your customers

Stakeholder analysis

Do you know your employees, customers, or partners well enough to meet all their needs and expectations? Our simple measurements pinpoint where your customer journey can improve, guiding strategic adjustments.

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Customer perception analysis

Our proven CPA methodology enables you to gain valuable and objective insights:

  • into your customers’ perceptions and opinions about your organisation, products, services, employees
  • the actual and future expectations and needs of your customers.

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Key characteristics of our CPA:

  • complies 100% with ISO 9001 requirements in terms of customer satisfaction measurements
  • execution of the analysis by experienced, independent experts 
  • tailor-made for your organisation; determine what you want to know and from whom, get insights on customer level
  • final report (including benchmarking) extremely useful to initiate internal improvement projects in line with your customers' expectations 
  • extra bonus (option): a company related CPA where you can 'test' the knowledge of your (commercial) employees of their customers

Listen what our customers are saying...

"The CPA from C9 gave us good strategic information that enabled us to undertake actions on short term and adapt our goals on long term. It was nice to draft our biennial customer questionnaire together with the experts who took care of the whole follow-up and delivered us a very interesting working document afterwards.” - Freya Baele, Technical Sales Manager, Vetex

"I would like to thank you personally from our side for the collaboration. I can already mention that we can be very satisfied not only with the results but also with the work you delivered.To put it in your terms, I give your service/delivered work a NPS of 9+.Some very concrete topics are included that we can definitely build on in the future to meet the needs of our partners even better."  - Cédric Peeters, Manager Compliance & Administration, Portmade

Imagine if your customers became fans and inspire others?

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