Consultancy Competences Matrix

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Consultancy Competences

Business process reengineering

Increase your customer satisfaction by improving the quality of your products and services through business process reengineering (BPR), aligned with your strategy and based on the ideal customer journey.

We can help you to (re)design your operational and delivery processes to improve speed, quality, cost, impact and focus on customer needs. We develop a picture of the current situation based on financial, operational, customer-focused data, using detailed process maps and analysis to help identify major gaps. Together with your team, we create a vision of the future state of each process, along with the roadmap to achieve short and long-term results. This enables us to eliminate wasted efforts and obtain early wins, while ensuring the quality of the process.

Our customers work with us to:

  • assess current business processes
  • identify and prioritize opportunities for process improvement
  • design and implement lean business process solutions across your organization

Customer journey designing

Do you know what your customers really want? What they really think about your company? What they like about doing business with you? Or perhaps why they have left you?

The best way to map the customer journey is to see the world through the eyes of your customers and walk in their shoes. We guide you through this whole process:

We hypothesize
It all starts when you and your team members try to imagine the customer journey in your organization. What your customers do, what they get from your organization and with whom they interact to reach their goals.

We validate and collect
We conduct analysis – such as telephone interviews with customers, visits and observations - to extract rich perspectives from a broad group of your customers.

We design, analyze and prioritize
Based on the collected data, we create maps that tell your customers’ stories to show you where you are now, performing well and less well. Together we design your wishes for the future customer journey and identify which steps to prioritize to enhance customer experience. The basis for all your future operational and service delivery improvement projects.

Re(shape) your strategy

Your company is unique, so your strategy should be too. Our strategists know exactly how to help you develop or redesign your strategy and reengineer your processes. Attractive for your customers, employees and partners. Robust enough to meet the challenges you are facing and where customers always expect the best from you.

Missing specific business skills for a project? Need support to cover a gap or advise on strategic direction. Our interim management solution could be what you need in response to an unforeseen people challenge.   

Let C9 challenge your strategy and support you to shape your new future.

Managing Risks

Most companies operate in a complex, industry-specific risk environment and at the same time face strategic challenges. Ideally, risk management and compliance are addressed as strategic priorities by corporate leadership and day-to-day management. 

Need advice from a risk expert? Our hands-on compliance consultants can support you with a variety of risk management activities, including:

  • Implementation of integrated risk management systems and standards, certification of ISO standards such as 9001, 14001, 45001 and your own company standards
  • Specific advice on data protection (GDPR), safety and compliance with environmental legislation
  • Performing risk assessment and audits
  • Training your employees in risk management programs
  • Preparation and revision of company standards and procedures
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