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2022_Social Responsibility

C9 Foundation: We pledge 

We pledge 1% to change lives

What is Pledge 1%?

Pledge 1% is a global movement that challenges individuals, companies and organisations to pledge (donate) 1% of their product, profit and employee time, to any charity of their choice.

C9 joined the Pledge 1% movement in 2021 and pledges to donate 1% of its profit and some free time to supporting initiatives, each year. The charity(ies) we choose to help are decided by our team, to ensure we help the causes closest to our hearts.

We are proud to support so many charities and have established our C9 Foundation in 2022. Check out the 3 pledges we are committed to below. 


Speechless Reconciliation: making dreams of orphans coming true!

The main goal of the program is to help youngsters (16-21 year) from homes for children without proper parental care to develop their potential by creating action plans, find their talents and identify their skills with the help of a professional trainers and mentors during a youth exchange (summer camp). 
"Hope for a better life, hope for a better future, hope for a better community."

Meanwhile C9 is one of the main partners of this project. 

Visit the website!

Together against cancer thanks to Télévie 

Télévie aims to raise money for research and increase knowledge in the fight against leukaemia and cancer amongst children and adults. Télévie is a charity event organised since 1989 in French-speaking Belgium and Luxembourg by RTL-TVI television. Activities are also organised in Flanders and broadcast on VTM. 

Despite a small turnout (many ill 😢), we can look back on a beautiful and atmospheric event "Together against cancer to overcome together," organised on November 25th, in favor of Télévie. 💚 


Nose for Autism (ASD = Autism Spectrum Disorder)

By supporting 'Nose for Autism', we want to raise awareness for autism (ASD) and highlight the importance of an assistance dog for ASD. The training of an assistance dog costs at least €25,500. 


More information about Hachiko follow this link