Stakeholder analysis

Communicating with your customers

Stakeholder analysis

How well do you really know your employees, customers or partners? Do you know what they really want and what they expect from your organisation, on short term and long term? Keep in mind: Stakeholder happiness and business success is strongly linked! If you want to be truly successful and deliver value, listen to your stakeholders.  

And what about a potential sale that went wrong? At which point in the sales pipeline did the person lost interest?

At C9, we developed a series of concrete measurements that can help you better understand which areas of your customer journey can be improved and where you need to adjust your strategy and processes.

Customer perception analysis

Ask an entrepreneur if customers are satisfied and most will say a convincing 'yes'. Very seldom this conviction is based on an objective measurement & analysis in which customers were effectively involved. 

Our proven CPA methodology enables you to gain valuable and objective insights:

  • into your customers’ perceptions and opinions about your organisation, products, services, employees

  • the current and future expectations and needs of your customers.

Key characteristics of our CPA:

  • complies 100% with ISO 9001 requirements in terms of customer satisfaction measurements
  • final report (including benchmarking) extremely useful to initiate internal improvement projects in line with your customers' expectations 
  • execution of the analysis by experienced C9 experts & consultants

Optimize your customer journey and increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers, so that they actively promote your products or services as fans of your organisation. That makes a huge difference in a world where social media has become very powerful! 

Our approach = 100% custom-made

We can accompany you from designing a CPA tailored to your specific needs, through the analysis and evaluation of the data and defining actionable outcomes and improvement plans. 

Discover how insights make a measurable difference thanks to C9’s CPA.

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"Actively listening to customers is of strategic importance today in order to remain successful as an organisation in the long term."

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Lost sales analysis

Evaluating why you are losing every lead over your competitor is the crucial first step in drawing up a strategic plan to increase your sales revenue in the future. Performing a lost sales analysis (LSA) allows you to identify where improvements are needed so that you can reassess your strategy and continue to see growth.

C9 has been specialized for many years in researching why potential customers end up not hooking up after they first showed interest. Our LSA method will prevent these 'leads' from being lost. We capture them for you and push them - if relevant - back into the sales process. This results in a thorough and detailed knowledge of your (potential) customer decisions, which you can use to initiate your 'customer journey' improvement projects.

Don’t miss another sales opportunity with the help from C9.