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Our service portfolio enables us to offer our customers the best experience when working with our teams. We make sure we keep our focus on your needs, your customers and delivering tangible value to your business.

Empowering your transition

Empowering your transition

Manage your transition by focusing on both levels - organizational and individual

Successfully managing transitions is critical in today’s climate, in which constant and rapid changes have become the norm in the modern workplace. Many organizations feel that it is not the changes that are difficult for their employees, but the feelings that these changes evoke are challenging.

Is your organization struggling with change? Is productivity down because people are worried about what’s coming next and how it will affect them?

We have a clear opinion; no matter how good a strategy is, people always make the difference. Culture and strategy go hand in hand. Let C9 help you with that!

Leadership & Business

How successful is your business model? Does it match the ideal customer journey?

A winning business model must create value for its customers and for itself. Organizations need to constantly review and further develop or redesign their business model due to the rapid evolution of customer expectations. To transfer your customers into real fans, real promotors of your business, you will need to deliver excellent products and services and (re)design your operational and delivery processes based on the ideal customer journey.

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Culture & Customers

It is not only your business model and processes that need to be adapted to the rapid evolution of customer expectations. Don't forget to involve your employees in this transition.

Organizations don’t change, people do. At C9, we believe that motivating people to change starts with winning their hearts and minds.

The key to happy customers? Focus on committed and happy employees. Engage and empower your employees to make things change.

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Communicating with your customers

Competition is growing and customers are becoming more and more experienced and demanding, expecting a higher level of service. Creating an exceptional customer experience opens the door to long-term customer loyalty and thus profitability.

Communicating with your customers

Establishing a personalized, individual dialogue with each of your customers, promotes the right customer experience.

• Would you like to achieve higher customer satisfaction ratings?
• Have you ever wondered why a prospective sale went wrong and at which point in the sales pipeline the person did lose interest?
• Are you already thinking about hiring a professional customer contact center?

Discover here how to improve your sales strategy and win more business in the future.  

Operational teams

Operational excellence is more challenging than ever. Our C9 international experts partner with customers at every level of their organization to create memorable customer experiences!

They enable you and your team to do what you do best, while they take care of all the rest: accurate lead qualification, handling of problems and complaints, delivering best-in-class customer experience.

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Stakeholder analysis

How well do you really know your employees, customers or partners? Do you know what they really want and what they expect from your organisation, on short term and long term? Keep in mind: Stakeholder happiness and business success is strongly linked! If you want to be truly successful and deliver value, listen to your stakeholders.  

And what about a potential sale that went wrong? At which point in the sales pipeline did the person lost interest?

At C9, we developed a series of concrete measurements that can help you better understand which areas of your customer journey can be improved and where you need to adjust your strategy and processes.

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Network & Development

Network & Development

Learn. Network. Grow.

If you are looking for a place to learn what’s needed to grow and develop your business ‘Fit for the future’, the C9 Network & Development platform is where you should be.

To help you on your growth journey, we host a series of events each year. From conferences, online seminars and workshops to networking events and training programs. Or gain practical experience from an expert in your industry and join the conversation with one of our guest speakers.

Identify new opportunities and get inspired how to enable a future proofed business.

Online Speakers' Corner

We offer you an opportunity to develop new perspectives. You will gain deep insights from inspiring leaders that spark new ideas and boost your organization’s energy. How does C9 partner with leaders in business to tackle their most important challenges? Register to join our upcoming events and find out.

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C9 Programs

C9 offers a variety of programs for entrepreneurs and business of all sizes. Whether you are thinking about starting your own business, looking for ways to deal with crisis situations, mapping your customer journey, we have a program for you.

Prepare your organization for tomorrow’s challenges and discover our programs.

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Technology & Digital Solutions

Choose the right customer experience solution

Today, it is not enough to choose a system that suits your company's needs, but also one that meets the requirements for success in a modern market landscape. Customer needs are changing rapidly, technologies are growing and competition is increasing.

Technology & Digital Solutions

C9 can recommend and deploy technologies and solutions that can be used for customer relationship management (CRM). In the first instance, we look for existing solutions that have already proven their effectiveness. If we do not find a compatible tool, we develop it ourselves in cooperation with experts in the field. This is the only way to ensure that the tools do what they are supposed to do, nothing more and nothing less.

Thanks to our practical know-how and our technological insights, our advisors are often asked to support organizations in implementing systems and solutions in daily practice. We have supported a large number of customers in the implementation of Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM platform.


24:YOURS allows customers to connect with their dealer, wherever, whenever, and complete all administrative formalities in advance, with one simple click. Their dealership, always at hand on the road.


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