Interactive Hybrid Rooms

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Interactive Hybrid Rooms

Your inspirational place to turn ideas into reality - All technical equipment at your service.

We provide the perfect studio environment for plug & play production of high-quality visual content, specially designed to get your message across as professionally as possible. Use our studio to broadcast:

  • Webinars

  • Product demonstrations & technique videos

  • Online seminars

  • E-learning

Interactive Hybrid Rooms
Interactive Hybrid Rooms

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Meeting Rooms

C9 offers you the perfect working environment in our Boom workspaces - whether you are looking for a place to:

  • work together with like-minded people in an innovative environment;

  • hold meetings in inspiring surroundings;

  • organize workshops (this can be done in combination with our Interactive Hybrid Rooms)


We look forward to welcoming you very soon. Contact us. 

Interactive Hybrid Rooms - Meeting Rooms
Interactive Hybrid Rooms - Meeting Rooms