Culture & Customers

Empowering your transition

Culture & Customers

It is not only your business model and processes that need to be adapted to the rapid evolution of customer expectations. Don't forget to involve your employees in this transition.

Organizations don’t change, people do. At C9, we believe that motivating people to change starts with winning their hearts and minds.

The key to happy customers? Focus on committed and happy employees. Engage and empower your employees to make things change.

One company – one culture

One company, one team, one culture, focused on a common vision, living by the same values, proud to work for you. Does this describe your organization?

Did you know that a strong one-company culture can transform customer experience? If the employee experience is generally poor, your employees won’t care much about your customers. If your team is as strong as one unit, it is better equipped to put forth exceptional work, create exceptional products and deliver exceptional service.

Culture matters during M&A

Mergers, acquisitions and transitions are a time of uncertainty for employees, managers and leadership on both sides of the table. There may also be cultural differences that lead to frustration and fear among employees, factors that cause many to leave the company.

At C9 we understand your challenges.  Our deep experience and people-centred approach makes people part of your transition. We ensure that your company’s purpose, strategy and culture are closely connected; aligning the why, what and how.

We can guide you through every element of culture change, from assessment through implementation, continuous improvement and refinement.

Engage. Motivate your employees.

The way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers. Ever thought about it before?

Customer satisfaction is not only impacted by the quality of your product of service. It is also influenced by the experience in all contacts with your organization. If you want to achieve customer loyalty and satisfaction, it is essential to ensure employee motivation.

Are you also looking at various ways to improve the customer experience in your company? Put the motivation of your employees at the centre of this.

Embrace the benefits of having a happy workforce. That’s where the magic happens. Invest in the following pillars, together with the support of C9:    

  • Manage the workload: appoint the right person for the right job. Free up your employees’ time so that they can focus on larger sales drivers. Discover how an integrated customer contact center can help you save resources.

  • Provide the right tools: with the right tools, your team can work effectively

  • Set clear and realistic goals: they must be SMART, aimed at fulfilling your company’s strategy and objectives.

  • Invest in your culture: the good news is that building a one-company culture can be done with any budget, any company size and within any industry.

  • Bring clarity in your processes and policies: identify operational bottlenecks through a proper structure and focus on continuous process improvement.

  • Encourage development: foster a learning culture and invest in learning and development programs. Take advantage of our programs or free online sessions.

  • Engage and motivate: show appreciation and give your employees a boost to perform better, become more engaged and create collaborative teams.

  • Teamwork: enhance your team performance. Bring people and business together. Teambuilding activities can be powerful. In cooperation with our partner Fast Forward, we can create beautiful moments and memories.

  • Manage business risks: a safer workplace is better for everyone. Guide employees in making smart risk decisions. Risk management creates value and matters for all.

Conflict management

Workplace conflicts can negatively affect customers and drain an organization of energy, enthusiasm and profit. Conflicts between customers and employees can cause lasting problems for your business.

Do you have the self-awareness, solid communication skills and motivation to resolve uncomfortable situations? Is there a lack of trust within your team and people don’t feel comfortable sharing ideas and opinions? Do your people understand their strengths and challenges?

As accredited partner, we can offer you and your teams individual personal Insights Discovery profiles and with our facilitation and guidance we help individuals to understand themselves and the others.

Through the eyes of the Insights Discovery colour system, opposite profiles in a team can often be a source of conflicts due to the very different ways of working. You can book this separate module ‘conflict management’ after the basic Insights Discovery session. 

Shift from conflict to collaborative teams with C9 and Insights Discovery.