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C9 offers a variety of programs for entrepreneurs and business of all sizes. Including bespoke training, tailored to personal or business needs. 

Prepare your organization for tomorrow’s challenges and discover our programs.

Customised Training 

C9 offers a range of generic training courses, however, you may also decide that you require training designed to suit your specific needs or special projects.

Our training consultants will:

  • Collaborate with your team to evaluate your organization’s training needs and requirements
  • Design training solutions customized to meet those needs
  • Deliver training solutions when and where it works best for your organization, whether this be in your home country or abroad. 

We look forward to working with your organization to provide solutions and improve employee performance through goal-oriented customized training.


This strategic program brings a unique combination of dynamic group sessions, individual coaching and business guidance, tailored to your needs. 100% focused on effective results!

Program SMILE focuses on the concrete improvement of customer satisfaction and the reorganization of the business model in function of your customer journey: mapping your customer journey • Upgrading of existing business model • Developing a 3-5 years project plan • Conducting practical experiments

In program CHANGE, we identify your personal and business needs to set strategic goals, linked to a roadmap and where readiness for change and intrinsic motivation are key. Together we work on achieving your goals and developing a new mindset. Analyzing your current business model • Identifying personal and business needs • Gaining insight into the principles of change • Defining strategic goals, including a roadmap • Optimizing internal and external communication • Achieving your objectives out-of-the-comfort zone

  • Duration of each individual program: 9 months

  • Number of participants is limited to 15 to ensure a personalized approach and interactivity

  • Individual coaching in your company, 3-day workshop in Prague together with like-minded entrepreneurs, group sessions in Antwerp and Rotterdam combined with a company visit to customer-oriented companies (benchmarking).