C9 International is specialised in strategic business consulting, reengineering of management systems, and the integration of experts into the client’s day-to-day business.   All C9 business and strategy consultants are experienced managers or entrepreneurs. They work closely together with clients in order to improve the experience of their customers. Even though customer expectations change quickly, the C9 experts keep pace with the latest developments.

Tim Belon
Founder, C9 International

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Cloud Nine bvba was established in 2004 in Bruges, Belgium, and with it the C9 International concept was born. We have expanded ever since, first in Belgium, later all over Europe and the rest of the world.

Our business model is based on results.

We continue our growth by delivering the best Customer Experience Management Services as a strategic partner. In 2009 Cloud Nine Customer Management Services was founded. This entity currently provides Front and Back Office Customer Services and Technical Dealer Support to a number of global automotive manufactures. We are recognized as best-in-class by one of our largest customers and achieve best results worldwide. In 2013 C9 International GmbH was established in Germany. All international projects within the C9 Group are currently managed and coordinated by C9 International GmbH. In 2015 we opened an office in Prague, Czech Republic where our Fleet Management Knowledge Center is based.



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